ALL THE IMAGES HERE ARE FOR SALE as art prints (images for murals and design applications may differ, please inquire).  The art print prices range from $200 to $1200 depending on size.  Shipping costs are not included in the price.  Pieces of up to 36 x 48 can be mailed in a dent resistant tube by Canada Post, keeping costs reasonable.  Other options may be available for larger pieces.  Please contact us for a complete price list, to discuss your ideal print size, shipping options and costs and/or to request a purchase.




















Select images are for sale through SAATCHI ART

Both here, and through SAATCHI ART we note LIMITED EDITION offerings.  Consequently, Blink-North’s Limited Edition offerings of Mary Jane Gomes’ images are consistent with Saatchi’s Limited Edition Policy.




Blink-North uses the term “limited edition prints” to refer to two dimensional art prints we sell produced by artist Mary Jane Gomes.


With each offering of a Limited Edition print, the artist establishes a total maximum number of prints based on a single original high resolution digital image as photographic art created by the artist for limited and exclusive reproduction in different mediums (c-prints, art paper and canvas) in the specific dimensions of the print.


A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with the purchase of each limited edition print through Blink-North. The artist’s signature, the medium and the number of signed multiples of the image in various sizes will be disclosed in the certificate. The image for any limited edition print may be licensed by the artist for reproduction in commercial applications, such as murals, fabric, infused glass, (but excluding two dimensional art prints).


If the payment is made by a purchaser prior to delivery of the multiple, this information will be supplied at the time of or prior to delivery, in which case the purchaser is entitled to a refund if, for reasons related to the matters contained in such information, the multiple is returned within 30 days in the condition in which it was received.

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