A glimpse of the water & a word from the stars:


At the time and place this image (below) was taken, the stars tell us that Zeus the Sky God, prompted Hermes the Messenger, to spread the word that an image of water was born. 

For at that moment, with the constellation of Leo the Lion rising on the East corner of the land,  Poseidon the Sea God, from the deep and fertile waters of Pisces,  blessed the union of Sol and Luna who were high in the sky, slowly separating from their loving embrace. And, Cronos and Hades whispered the secrets of time and riches, making Aphrodite very jealous.


Water in myth as in dreams is an embryonic image of Creation, containing the potential of everything to come.

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Mary Jane Gomes Nature Your Space

My still photography is taken in motion and pushes the edges of a still photo, revealing the spirit of what I see, and how I feel about what I see.  My camera movement is "motivated," inspired by my cinematic work.

By sharing what I experience as the "spirit" of nature, I invite all to embrace and protect the earth as our provider for the generations to come.



Spirit (set of five) 

Honourable Mention, International Photography Awards 2016, Fine Arts, Abstract

Drift (set of five)

Honouralbe Mention, PX2, Paris Photographic Awards 2017, Fine Arts, Abstract

First Place Photography, Huronia Festival of the Arts, 2016


Genie Nomination for first feature film (Claude Jutra Award)


Finalist, American Film Festival, American Film Festival


Riding Carousel

Honourable Mention, Kodak International Newspaper Photography Awards 

Ghost Trees

International Design Show, Toronto, On

image featured, infused into a corian™ wall 

shown at festivals, including opening film and closing film:

Toronto Film Festival

Vancouver Film Festival

New-Castle-On-Tyne Film Festival

American Film Festival

Figueira Da Foz Festival, Portugal

San Juan Film Festival, Caribbean

Imagining the Caribbean, Ohio

Caribbean Eye, Ohio

Caribbean Film Festival, Florida

and invited to:

Costa Rica Film Festival